What You’d Expect To See Here

Since I have just started blogging again, I’ll be giving you hints on what you’d expect here on the future. It will probably just be simple blogs like this one, but sometimes I may also give reviews on products or services that I use.

Let’s hope that you’ll not be reading more of this on my next post. I want to drop quality blogs and this one is not an inclusion. It just gives you an idea on what you’d expect from me.  A clear and transparent plan on how this blog will be.


Earlier, I mentioned that I’ll be writing more blogs here so that’s what you’ll see. Personal, technology, or maybe health and fitness articles will be posted here for all my readers. This time I won’t messed it up by adding more categories like I used to before.

Back then, I include many categories because I thought that would make the blog more vast and so I will get many readers. But it never happened so I’ll be transitioning to lesser topics now and will focus on it.


This one is also mentioned above. I also love writing reviews about products or services that I use. Whether it may be a physical or an online product. Honesty and transparency is what I give when I do reviews.

If I don’t like something, I would frankly say that I don’t. But if something satisfies me, I will give the recognition that it deserves. I’ll just be doing a fair square review and a detailed one. Some of the information that I give on my reviews are:

  • performance
  • price
  • support

Those are some of it and trust me, I do make detailed reviews as mentioned before.

That’s it, blogs and reviews are the things that I’m fond of so that’s what you’ll be reading here on Flixsty. I hope that you’ll enjoy each and one of it as I ensure that  I’m delivering everything well for my readers. Thank you for reading this and I hope that you’ll come back.

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