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Just four months after joining Expedia Group this rural hotel in England saw their share of international travelers increase by 30%. They also noted that these guests had longer booking windows, lower cancellation rates and often stayed for longer, making them an attractive option. After joining Expedia Group, this US hotel noticed an increase in guests […]

Ancient Ruins Reconstructed

7 Ancient Ruins Around The World; Reconstructed

Ancient ruins give us a fascinating window into the past. Ancient ruins give us a fascinating window into the past: how people lived, the spaces they inhabited and their daily lives. We decided to step back in time and recreate some of our favorite ancient ruins in their original locations. Back in ancient times, this temple sheltered […]

Expedia Rebrand

Expedia Tweaks Name After Priceline Rebrand

How much of an impact Mr. Khosrowshahi can have on Uber is uncertain. The company still bears the imprint of Mr. Kalanick, who remains on Uber’s board. The board itself has been rived with discord, especially between Mr. Kalanick and Benchmark, a venture capital firm that is a major Uber shareholder and that also has a seat on Uber’s […]

Millenials Invest On Traveling

Millenials Invest More Money In Traveling

Our Millennial Traveller Report explores how and why Millennials see such value in investing in travel experiences. As the industry evolves to meet the demands of the Millennial traveller, our report reinforces that above all else Millennials expect personalisation from their travel brands of choice. The ongoing search for authentic travel is hardly new – but […]

Expedia Discounts and Cashback

Expedia Best Discounts and Cashback

Expedia Discounts, Codes, Sales & Cashback Browse great travel deals on more than a million flights, hotels and holiday packages and save even more money with our Expedia discounts and cashback deals. Whether you are looking at destinations in the UK and Ireland or are planning a city break or longer stay abroad, travelers can search […]