Never Use Nulled Themes and Plugins!

Themes and plugins are available for free on WordPress repository. But if you’re looking for extended functionalities and support. Then you might end up buying a paid them or plugin. However, not every blogger can buy it and instead make use of their nulled versions.

Nulled themes and plugins are the free and modified versions of the paid items. Although you can get this for free, some might have viruses or exploits on the codes, making your website unsafe. If making your website secure is your priority, I don’t recommend using a nulled theme or plugin for permanent use.

On the other hand, I only recommend installing nulled items if you just want to test them. These paid plugins and themes are pricey. So if one’s planning to buy something, he should somehow make sure that he’ll be satisfied with it. That’s where you can at least use nulled WordPress themes and plugins.

I have mentioned this above, don’t ever use nulled items permanently as it can damage your website. I still recommend installing free stuffs if you can’t afford it or buying the paid items if your money is enough.

If you’re planning to buy paid themes or plugins to upgrade your website’s functionality. Then I recommend buying from ThemeForest. They offer a wide-range of paid plugins and themes which comes with a free support. Most website owners buy their themes from ThemeForest as it has the best and the most popular items.

Personally, some of the plugins and themes that I use on my websites came from ThemeForest and from the whole Envato Market – the company behind it. I am satisfied with what I get from my money `and what it provides to my websites.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that it’ll help you to choose which is better for your website. I’m looking forward for your return.

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