How To Get Accepted On Google AdSense Fast

Starting a website means that you want to attract readers. However, you can’t just waste those readers. To get additional benefits, I recommend adding advertisements to your website. The most popular for most bloggers is the Google AdSense.

Since it’s made by Google, its credibility is high among bloggers. That’s why most apply on it to start monetizing their website. However, the majority of bloggers try to get into the AdSense platform without actually knowing what they’re up to.

If you just started building up your website, I recommend not to sign up for AdSense yet. Chances are you will be rejected. Why? Here are some common reasons why Google AdSense rejects you.

Google AdSense

Insufficient Content

You’re the publisher, the one who shows advertisements on their website. On the other hand, advertisers are the one who wants those advertisements to be posted. When a website lacks content, most advertisers won’t want to advertise on your website. For the simple reason that, who visits a website with 2-10 blog articles.

If you really want to get that AdSense approval, make sure that your blog has at least 30 articles on it. That’s the recommended amount of articles that a blog should contain to get higher chances of getting accepted by AdSense.

It’s not just the amount of content that matters too. The quality of it is also a qualifying factor on this. Making sure that each of your posts has at least 300 words on it helps. Adding relevant and just enough images to your articles help too.

Also, don’t put articles on your website that are scraped from other blogs. Make sure that you write every piece of the word on your blog. If you really need to copy something from a website, try to limit it to at least just a phrase. This prevents your website to be marked as plagiarized.


Lack of Traffic

Maybe your website just doesn’t have enough traffic to be accepted by AdSense. Having at least 1,000 pageviews per day gives you an advantage. You also want that because, with insufficient traffic, you won’t be getting your expected revenue.

More traffic means more revenue. It is based mostly on the number of views that your website gets and the number of clicks that your visitors do. Your website visitors should click on the advertisements displayed on your website to generate revenue.

On the other hand, you can also get money by the number of page views that your website is getting.

Generally speaking, you really need a lot of website traffic to materialize the advertising service that AdSense delivers.


Free Hosted Website

Building a website using free hosts are not recommended if you want to monetize your content. Google Adsense makes sure that every website that they accept are high quality. That’s why they don’t accept bloggers from website builders like Blogspot,, TypePad, and some similar services.

Although Blogspot users can apply for an AdSense account since it is also created by Google. I still suggest not to use it as self-hosted websites are still better.

Some free hosting allows AdSense code insertion on their website. But mostly, you still can’t get that approval if you’re running a ‘subdomain’ website. These are domains that include the host’s domain on their website’s domain. Such an example is,, and

Those types of domains are mostly rejected by AdSense. They actually don’t recommend submitting websites with these types of domains as you will be ‘auto-rejected’.

google adsense

Advertising Services

If it’s your first time adding advertisements to your website, you can just skip this. But if you want to learn about it then please continue.

Please make sure that when you’re submitting your website to AdSense, you’re not involved with similar services yet. If unaware, some are InfoLinks, AdCash, PropellerAds, NativeAds, and other similar services which servers advertisements for your website.

As mentioned above, AdSense ensures quality. Adding a lot of advertisement on your website from different services reduces that quality. Make sure that you’re not displaying any type of advertisements on your website yet. At least not until your AdSense application gets approved.

Also, if you add many advertisements on your website from different services, you won’t get enough revenue. Running AdSense is enough if you want to materialize the monetization that it gives. It is not recommended to display multiple advertisements on your website other than AdSense.

Incorrect Link

Nothing’s wrong but still, you get rejected? Maybe you just filled an incorrect link. Confirm that you typed your website’s URL correctly. If not, then you’re really up to no good.

Furthermore, it’s not just the link itself that you should check. Maybe the website that you submitted is not working anymore. Or inspect if it can be accessed from a different browser.

If your website can’t be accessed, then obviously your application will be rejected.

Illegal Content

Don’t submit websites to AdSense that involves illegal or adult stuff which includes but are not limited to pornography, drug addiction, inappropriate media, and other similar content.

AdSense doesn’t approve or don’t even accept submissions which include these types of content on their links. Only apply for AdSense if you’re running a ‘clean’ website.

To give you ideas, these are the types of website that Google AdSense accepts. How-to blogs, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Travel, Personal blogs, and a lot more websites which are available for general viewing.

Alternatively, if you’re running a blog which contains 18+ content, try applying on PropellerAds. They offer advertisement placements for that type of website.


Website Age

If you have just started the website and submitted it to AdSense already. Your chances of being accepted are low. Try to wait at least 6 months before applying for an AdSense account.

It will help to make your account be approved because time gives credibility to it. Running a blog for more than 6 months means that you’re a serious blogger and you will not just waste your AdSense account. That’s why if your website is already ‘old’, you get higher chances of approval from AdSense.

It may sound crazy, but it works. Patience is a virtue. Most non-serious bloggers will only run their website for a month or two. But serious bloggers will keep their website running for as long as success hits them. Wait for the right time to submit an application to them, you won’t get disappointed.

By that time, you would already have enough high-quality articles to get approved. So the older your blog is, the higher your chances of approval is.

Well, this contradicts my claim of fast AdSense approval but it helps so I included it.

Faulty Review

AdSense employees review each website to ensure that each qualify for their services. If you’ve already tried everything and nothing seemed to work, maybe it’s a human error.

Try contacting their support team to inform them that your website surely qualifies for their services and request a second review from them.

This will help you if something’s really not working out on your submission. However, if you’re not really qualified for it, don’t contact them as you’ll just waste your time.

Make sure that you’re sure that they may have made an incorrect judgment of your website before reaching out to them. In the case that you’re correct and they help you. Then congratulations on your new Google AdSense account.

Google AdSense approval

Running a website with a lot of traffic is good, but monetizing it is better. So try your best to add Google AdSense’s advertisement on your website as they pay really well. Most advertisers go for AdSense and that means more revenue to squeeze out of it.

Just read and follow each tip on these articles thoroughly and you’ll get that AdSense approval in no time.

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