How To Boost Your Alexa Rank In Just A Month

Alexa rank is a rank of a website compared to the others. Technically, it is your ranking based on the other website on the web. It helps to strengthen a website’s credibility to improve its performance on the web.

Boosting your Alexa rank is not at all easy, but if you really want to get the rank that you wish for. Nothing must be a problem. If you really want to get that rank, be prepared to be dedicated to your website.

Produce High-Quality Content

Producing high-quality content must be one of your priorities when trying to boost your rank. It’s not just giving your website a certain traffic, but it also adds up to your website’s credibility.


If Alexa notices that you’re adding high-quality articles on your website then it will rank up your site.

Most websites don’t rank up because they don’t write these types of content. Alexa rank and Google PageRank can be interconnected. They look at each other to rank websites fairly.

And we know that producing content that are high of quality makes your website position at the top of Google. This makes it rank higher on Alexa too.

If you’re having trouble writing high-quality content, you can always outsource it. Even though you’ll pay for that, that’s your best choice if writing is not your field.

Mobile-Friendly Pages


Ensure that the pages on your site are mobile-friendly too. These are exceptionally a must. It helps you to rank higher on Google and Alexa.

If a website is not mobile-friendly, Alexa usually doesn’t rank those websites higher. They look at a website’s quality, so you should always look at that too.

You can easily make your website mobile-friendly by using a theme that’s capable of doing it. That should easily resolve your problem.

Check if your website is mobile friendly here

Update Regularly

It is recommended to update your website’s content regularly to improve its Alexa rank. Updating your website on a regular basis pings Google and Alexa which inform them that you’ve updated it.


That helps because you’re pushing your website to Alexa. You’re making them look at your website by letting their bots to index it. It’s one of the best ways to get noticed by Alexa and by other search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Starting a website or a blog means that you want to produce something for other internet users. That’s why you should hold on to that vision.

No one wants to visit a website with the same content for the past year. On the other hand, a website is more likely to be visited and get returning visitors by adding and adding more content regularly.


Sometimes you just need to wait. If you have already done the things listed above, then it’s probably the time for waiting. Ranking high on Alexa doesn’t mean that you can do it overnight even after doing all the tips that you’ve read.

Wait at least a month or more to see improvements to your Alexa ranking. If you did your best to boost your Alexa rank, then you probably should expect an improvement. But if you’ve done nothing, you can also expect nothing.


I hope these tips will help you to get your preferred Alexa rank and the same with Google. If you have any questions, feel free to drop those in the comments below. Alternatively, you can contact me using the contact button on the menu of this page.

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