Boost Alexa Rank

How To Boost Your Alexa Rank In Just A Month

Alexa rank is a rank of a website compared to the others. Technically, it is your ranking based on the other website on the web. It helps to strengthen a website’s credibility to improve its performance on the web. Boosting your Alexa rank is not at all easy, but if you really want to get […]

Error 404 Pages

How 404 Error Pages Affect Your Website SEO

What are 404 error pages? Error 404 is an HTTP status response code. Sent from a service to a customer, error 404 informs the customers that the link to the server was successful, but the server could not find what the customer requested. Generally referred to as not-found error, error 404 is one of the […]

Hummingbird WordPress Plugin Review

Hummingbird WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress consists of many plugins that can make your website load fast. But despite that, there’s always something that will stand out. This optimization plugin focuses on ease of use and it’s available on its free features – Hummingbird. If we’re talking about website speed, this plugin should always be mentioned. It offers the following […]

Plugins Website Speed

5 Best Plugins That Guarantee Superior Website Speed

You’re probably in the middle of configuring your website. Activating recommended plugins, turning on recommended settings and other related stuff about building a website. Therefore, you might also be in the middle of a slow-loading website. Continue reading to improve your website speed. Activating plugins to use on your website is good. They’ll give you […]

URL Redirections

Best WordPress Plugin To Manage URL Redirections

Managing WordPress is easier than using any other tools for your website. WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) that is available for free at the same time. WordPress allows the user to install plugins that can improve a website like managing an URL redirection. There are a bunch of plugins available on the WordPress repository. […]