5 Best Plugins That Guarantee Superior Website Speed

You’re probably in the middle of configuring your website. Activating recommended plugins, turning on recommended settings and other related stuff about building a website. Therefore, you might also be in the middle of a slow-loading website. Continue reading to improve your website speed.

Activating plugins to use on your website is good. They’ll give you more flexibility on how you want your website to run. May it be for its performance, security, additional features, and a lot of possibilities that plugins provide. However, some plugins can slow down your website too.

Most plugins that slow down a website are those that are poorly coded. These are the ones that barely have active installations. Additionally, plugins aren’t the only reason for that sluggish load. Themes are sometimes responsible too.


Similar to plugins, poorly coded themes can affect your website’s performance negatively.

I’m going to share the best plugins that can speed up your WordPress site.

1. WP Smush

This plugin helps to optimize your photos to make your page load faster. Sometimes the photos are the culprit, especially when uploading high-quality images which have larger file sizes.

If your website contains images that are high of quality, try installing WP Smush to compress its size without reducing the image quality. This helps to speed up your website because it won’t need to load a very large file on a single request.

After installing the plugin, it will automatically ‘smush’ photos that you’ll upload to optimize it. If you have photos uploaded on your website already before installing the plugin. It will offer to bulk smush them for you so no need to worry about a confusing setup.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

2. WP-Optimize

Your WordPress installation consists of databases. Sometimes these databases are not optimized for making your website load slowly. With this plugin, it will allow you to optimize your databases to run your website smoother.

I recommend cleaning your database once a week to maintain its performance. That’s mostly enough for a stable website load. Overdoing it may be time-consuming as it will clean all the table on your database.

The plugin has the recommended settings turned on already. All you need to do is to press a button to start the optimization.


3. Clearfy

There are lots of unnecessary codes that WordPress implements on your website. These codes contribute to the loading speed of your site. That’s a bummer considering WordPress is the best CMS platform out there.

Luckily, there is a plugin called Clearfy which allows you to disable the unnecessary code implementations of WordPress. It will give you an option to disable those and it provides enough information on what a certain setting is about so you don’t need to worry about ruining your site.


It also lets you choose whether to disable the unnecessities based on their recommendation or do it yourself. I recommend going for the recommended setting as not to mess with unknown settings.

Clearfy – WordPress optimization plugin and disable ultimate tweaker

4. W3 Total Cache

If we’re talking about website speed, caching should not be left out. Caching allows your website to store some files on the visitor’s browser already to lessen the page load on their next visit. This helps especially if you have a lot of returning visitors.

This plugin also lets you implement minification on your website which further speeds up its page load time. Minification is the process wherein it compresses certain data of your site to deliver it faster to a visitor.

With minification, it reduces the page size of your website which will make it easier to be accessed even with slow internet connections.


I recommend turning on the caching itself and the minification option only after installing this plugin to prevent damage to your website.

Some options here are difficult to understand especially if you’re just a beginner. So try to keep from turning on additional options if it’s unfamiliar to you.

W3 Total Cache

5. Hummingbird

The last WordPress plugin that I recommend to install to improve a website’s performance. If we’re talking about website speed, Hummingbird must never be left out.

This plugin allows you to implement caching on your website too. Don’t worry, you can activate both caching capabilities of this and W3 Total Cache. It also lets you gzip compress your website. This is a type of compression specifically made for website files.

It is similar to minification, but gzip compression lets you to do it on your overall website files.


One unique feature of Hummingbird is it allows you to optimize your assets individually. These are the files that make up your website. It lets you load these assets into the footer of your website. On other terms, it will suspend the delivering of these files to your whole website until it has loaded completely.

Hummingbird Page Speed Optimization

These plugins will surely improve your website page load time. If you have many plugins installed on your website, try to deactivate and delete some of it if not necessarily needed. These plugins contribute more to your website’s load time.

It is safe to install all of the listed plugins above at the same time. You should get no issue by doing so. If you configure each correctly, it will guarantee to work with each other and make your website load faster.

If you have additional plugins that you use and worked for you. Please let us know in the comments below to help others too. Thank you for reading and hope you’ll come back.


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